Our Story

AUM consulting let’s you focus on what truly matters to your business - the vision, the strategy, the passion and gives you the confidence of achieving the impossible by taking over the execution & operational elements of your business. We believe that when the bones of the company are tight and run effectively, the brains and blood flowing through the organization can deliver 10 fold.

We have successfully managed vast areas of operations like recruitment, payroll, automation, legal consulting and other operational tenets that has led to success with speed and efficiency. Redirection of investment towards strategic needs of the organization far outweigh the overload of investment into people and paperwork management which can all be effectively outsourced to AUM. This is a partnership that extends beyond an offshore office and our teams are passionate, committed and vested towards your organizations growth. Choose growth, choose speed and choose peace of mind with AUM consulting.




Financial management, language of business & strategic thinking

Cloud-based accounting solution

Track, analyse and report

Managing your growth


The right response at the right time

Bring new ideas to business community

Providing comprehensive & innovative legal services

Combining traditional legal skills to strategic initiatives

Human Resources

Human Resources

Maximize capital with REAL HR partners

Focuses on building sustainable businesses

High quality career development opportunities

From a single role to entire teams


Executive Recruitment

Contingency Staffing

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Competitor Talent Mapping

Employer Branding

Customer Support

Customer Support

Support to highest priority

Increase customer lifetime value

Year round support, operational and technical guidance

Quick & effective with empathy & care